Launched the music recommendation service "The Retro Tracks"

By Product Team

Over the past few months, we have been leveraging GPT and already enjoying a new way of working. The landscape of software development has changed dramatically, and the PULP development team has embarked on various new initiatives. We are pleased to introduce a new service born from these efforts.

"The Retro Tracks" incorporates a song recommendation feature powered by ChatGPT. Users only need to input their favorite artist, and AI will suggest three albums. In addition, each album comes with liner notes created by GPT. We invite you to enjoy passionate recommendation comments thought out by AI, reminiscent of the experience when buying CDs or music magazines in the past.

Background images and catchphrases are also generated by AI. We have designed it so that you can enjoy modern music from a new perspective as if viewed from the future. Please experience this new music experience with "The Retro Tracks".