Launched music social media "PULP"

By Product Team

We have launched "PULP", a music social media that connects users by sharing the songs they are listening to.

In recent years, music listening styles have become more personalized and optimized thanks to subscription services, which provide high-quality filtering. As a result, we feel that the experience of serendipity in discovering music through friends' and acquaintances' recommendations (chance encounters) has diminished.

PULP is a service developed by music-loving members who share these concerns. Please download and enjoy it.


Discover new music

Ever had trouble finding the right song to listen to? Check out the songs your friends are listening to on PULP's timeline. You might find a new favorite among the music you wouldn't have discovered on your own. Experience serendipitous music moments beyond AI recommendations.

Share moments that move you

When you encounter music that touches your heart, share it with a comment. Leave your emotions and stories related to the music as an important part of your life on PULP. Plus, you may find new topics to discuss with friends who empathize with you.

Create your own community

Feel free to follow people with similar tastes. Why not find friends to share music with? An exciting music experience, inspired by your musical peers, awaits you. PULP offers in-app tokens. Get tokens and help energize the community!